Learn how to set up Intercompany Accounting step by step in Oracle Fusion

What is Intercompany Accounting?

Intercompany accounting involves recording financial transactions between different legal entities within the same parent company.

Let’s say Legal entity “A” performs some business activity (e.g. Consultancy, Miscellaneous expenses etc.) for Legal entity “B”. To record the business…

Learn how to fill and upload items into Oracle SCM using FBDI file

Hello, everyone! I am back after a little break:)
I am full of energy and ready to share with you my knowledge with uploading FBDI files into Oracle Fusion Applications. …

Destination Organization Field Isn’t Showing Inventory Organization From The LOV for Inter-organization Transfer Creation

In today’s article, I want to show you the setup you need to do for Inter-Organization Transfer from 1 Inventory Organization to a different Inventory Organization within the same Business Unit.

While trying to process items…

Learn how to find Invoice Journals from General Ledger in Oracle Fusion Applications

Today I will show you how you can find Invoice details from General ledger Journals. As you know General Ledger is a final book where all transaction details are stored. …

Aytan Vahidova

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