Amend/Modify Approved Purchase Order in Oracle Fusion

Aytan Vahidova
4 min readSep 24, 2021

Learn how to amend/modify approved Purchase Order in Oracle Fusion Applications

As a procurement agent, requester, or supplier you can propose changes to the currently approved version of a purchasing document during issuance and fulfilment. In today’s article I will show you the process of amending already approved Purchase Order and how can we check/ track the modifications after Purchase Order is revised.

As you see from the below screen Purchase Order is in <Open> status which means <Approved>.

Now you need to modify this PO. Go to Actions> Edit:

Please note that the system will create a Change Order for this change. Click <Yes> to continue.

In this Change Order, I have changed the quantity and this obviously increased the amount. You can see the <Amount Changed> field has been increased by + 5796.

Please note the <Main> part below Change Order. This is original PO information and this information will be stored until Change Order gets approved.

After your changes, you can submit Change Order for approval.

Now you want to track the approval flow of your Change Order. Search for PO number from Manage Purchase Orders. Now the trick is, you need to click on <Change Order> not the original PO. Many users get confused and consider that changes are already approved. But if you click on Change Order you can see that the changes which you have made are still in process of approval, in <Pending Approval> status.

P.S. If you do not see <Change Order> column, select View> Coloumns> Show All and it will be visible.

When you click on Change Order 1 , below window will open which will show that Change Order is still in process of approval.

After Change Order is approved, the Change Order disappears and the status of full PO becomes approved (Open), which means PO is now revised with the modifications you have made. You can review Document History and see approval history separately for original document and for Change Order.

You can click on the triangle on the left side to see the detailed approval history: both for Change Order and Original Document.

That is it, guys:) Hope you are clear with the topic. If not, please do not hesitate to reach me.

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