How to find Invoice Journals in GL

Aytan Vahidova
3 min readMay 16, 2021


Learn how to find Invoice Journals from General Ledger in Oracle Fusion Applications

Today I will show you how you can find Invoice details from General ledger Journals. As you know General Ledger is a final book where all transaction details are stored. But can you find invoice details from these journals?

  1. Navigate to General Ledger Role and click on Journals:

2. Click on <Manage Journals> from the menu on the right:

3. When you search for Journals indicate the period for which you want to see transactions. It will narrow down your search. To search specifically for Invoices select Source and Category as well.

Source: Payables
Category: Purchase Invoices

4. You will now only see Journals with Payables Source as below. Click on any Journal for more details.

5. Scroll down to Journal Lines and click on the amount ( Debit or Credit):

6. Click on <View Transaction> to navigate to the Invoice page for more details. You will see all invoice details once you click on <View Transaction>.

That is it, guys:) Hope you are clear with the topic. If not, please do not hesitate to reach me.

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