Inter-organization Transfer setup in Oracle Fusion SCM

Destination Organization Field Isn’t Showing Inventory Organization From The LOV for Inter-organization Transfer Creation

In today’s article, I want to show you the setup you need to do for Inter-Organization Transfer from 1 Inventory Organization to a different Inventory Organization within the same Business Unit.

While trying to process items from one organization to another organization I realized that I cannot proceed as I could not select a destination Organization from LOV. I came up to know that, in order to proceed first a setup for Inter-Org Transfer needs to be configured.

Setup for Inter-organization Transfer

To create an inter-organization transfer between internal organizations, you must first complete this setup:

Set up the inter-organization parameters between the source and destination organization using the Manage Inter organization Parameters task.

  • Offering: Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management
  • Functional Area: Inventory Management
  • Task: Manage Inter organization Parameters

Click on Manage Inter organization Parameters and click on “+” for new InterOrganization transfer:

P.S. Please note that for each organization separate parameters need to be created.

Select the organizations from LOV:

You can create below types of interorganization transfers:

  • Direct interorganization transfers
  • In-Transit interorganization transfers

Direct Interorganization Transfers

Direct interorganization transfers move items directly between inventory organizations. The destination organization receives the material immediately when you submit the transaction.

In-Transit Interorganization Transfers

In-transit interorganization transfers move items directly from the source organization to in-transit inventory. You usually transfer material to in-transit inventory when transportation time is significant.

Before proceeding with the transaction make sure Receiving Parameters have been set up for the destination organization using the Manage Receiving Parameters task.

Save your work.

Create inter Organization Transfer

Now as you have completed the setup you can navigate to Supply Chain Execution> Inventory Management to perform the Inter Org transaction:

You can see the list of Inventory Organizations that you have created from Manage Inter organization Parameters task.

Fill in the details and submit the transaction.

That is it, guys:) Hope you are clear with the topic. If not, please do not hesitate to reach me.

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