Negotiation Team scoring in Oracle Fusion Sourcing

Aytan Vahidova
3 min readFeb 22, 2023

Today I am going to talk about Team Scoring for Negatioations in Oracle Fusion Procurement while evaluating Negotiations.

You can score a supplier’s response to a negotiation requirement if the requirement was created with a scoring method of <manual>. Requirements can also be scored automatically by the application (or do not require any scoring).

If the requirement is scored, supplier responses are assigned numeric values (either manually or automatically). The score values interact with the weights assigned to the requirement. You can use the weighted scores to compare responses when making award decisions. Please note that you must first close the negotiation before you can score requirements.

Why do companies need Team Scoring?

Team scoring provides a more comprehensive evaluation of supplier responses, leading to a more effective award decision and increased transparency.

After the scoring activity starts, team members can rate the supplier responses received for the negotiation requirements by entering scores. They can add internal notes and attachments while entering the scores. Initially, they can save their scores as a draft. But after being finalized, they need to submit them.

How Team Score is calculated?

Let us see an example of how the score is calculated by different team members. Let us say 3 teams have been defined for evaluating the negotiation. In this example, you can see scores submitted by team members across the technical, commercial, and quality control teams with the relevant weights.

Technical Team ( 40 % weightage)
Member 1- 90
Member 2- 85
Member 3- 80

Commercial Team ( 40 % weightage)
Member 1- 75
Member 2- 80
Member 3- 85

Quality Control team ( 20 % weightage)
Member 1- 90
Member 2- 80

Technical Team Scoring:

Let’s look at the Technical Team's responses first. We can see the individual scores given by the three technical team members. We’ve got 90, 85, and 80, which totals 255, resulting in an average of 85 across the three scores. ( 255/3= 85)

Notice the weight that’s applied to the Technical team. The weight for the Technical Team response is 40%. Now 40 % is the total score of 100, but our total score average is 85. So we will do below calculation:

40 % weightage — 100score
x % weightage— 85 score

40 x 85= 3400 / 100= 34

So the total score from the Technical team is 34.

The same rule applies both to Commercial and Quality Control Team Scoring.

Commercial Team Scoring:

75+80+85= 240/3= 80 Average

40 % weightage — 100score
x % weightage — 80 score

40 x 80= 3200 / 100= 32

Quality Control Team Scoring:

90+80= 170/2= 85 Average

20 % weightage — 100score
x % weightage — 85 score

20 x 85= 1700 / 100= 17

As we have scores for each team, now we can calculate the total score:

Technical Team- 34
Commercial Team- 32
Quality Control team- 17

Overall: 83

Once the scoring team members have entered their scores, and the scoring phase is closed, the application calculates the final score for the requirement as shown in the above example.

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