Upload Contract Purchase Agreements with FBDI

Aytan Vahidova
6 min readNov 28, 2021

Learn step by step how to load Contract Purchase Agreement with FBDI into Oracle Procurement

In this article, I will guide you through the process of mass uploading of Contract Purchase Agreement with FBDI file.
Here are the steps to consider first:

So, let’s start:)

Download the item template

First of all, as you already know from my previous article, first you need to download the FBDI file from File-Based Data Import for Oracle Procurement Cloud. Follow below link and click on the latest release.


Enter data in Template

The POContractPurchaseAgreementImportTemplate.xlsm template file contains 3tabs, each a worksheet:

The first tab contains the instructions for using the template and generating the CSV ZIP file. The other 2 tabs are: PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE
Each worksheet or control file corresponds to an interface table. For example, the tab named: “PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE” corresponds to the interface table used for the import of agreements.

The Interface table names are very important because after you load items to the interface you can check from the backend if contracts have been loaded or you can track any errors that occurred during the upload. Each interface table is represented as a separate Excel sheet.

Important considerations before you start filling the file:

> The interface table tabs contain sample data, that can be used as a guideline to understand how to populate the fields.

You will see sample data in both worksheets. Please consider that these are samples only and you do not need to upload this information. You can review how sample data has been populated and then delete all sample data from all worksheets.


  • change the order of the columns in the Excel sheets. Changing the order of the columns will cause the load process to fail.
  • delete columns not being used. Deleting columns will cause the load process to fail. You can hide columns that you do not intend to use; if needed, during the data creation process, but please reset to unhidden before upload.

Each column header contains bubble text about the expected data type and, in some cases, instruction text. If you cannot read the complete bubble text, right-click in the header cell and select “Edit Comment”. Now that the bubble text is in edit mode, you can expand the text box containing the bubble text.

Now as instructions are clear let me go through the important columns in PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE sheet and explain how they should be filled:

Interface Header Key: Enter unique header key for each contract. Please note that this number should be unique for each line.
Action: Choose Original if you are creating a new Contract.
Batch ID: This ID do not have to be unique. The same ID will be used for entire batch.
Approval Action: If you want Contracts to get automatically approved after uploading, click on BYPASS. If you want Contracts to be in Incomplete Status, you need to choose None. If you want to submit Contracts to approval, then choose Submit.
Document Type Code: Choose Agreement for all lines.
Procurement BU: Include Business Unit name,
Buyer: Insert buyer’s name exactly as it is registered in HR.
Currency code: Choose currency code

Description: Enter Contract Description
Supplier: Enter Supplier name
Supplier Number: Enter Supplier Number
Supplier Site: Enter Supplier Site Number. Note that, all supplier details should match supplier details entered in Procurement> Suppliers page.

Agreement amount:Amount columns must not contain a thousand separators and must use a period (.) as the decimal separator.
It is very important to follow the rule, otherwise file upload will complete with error.

Start and End Date: Date fields must be entered in YYYY/MM/DD format.

Other fields can be filled or may be left blank.It depends on your company requirements.

As the first sheet has been filled, now we can start filling the second sheet PO_GA_ORG_ASSIGN_INTERFACE.

Interface BU Assignment Key: This number should be unique through the sheet. Make sure that you enter unique number for each row.
Interface Header Key: This filed should be the same unique numbers you have used on the first page.
Requisitioning BU: Enter BU name
Purchasing Site: Enter Supplier Site name
Ship-to-Location: Enter Ship to Location
Bill-to_Location: Enter Bill to Location
These locations are derived from Supplier Site Assignment on Supplier Site level.

Generate CSV file

Now that we have fulfilled necessary information, we can go to first sheet and click on Generate CSV file in order to generate CSV file in ZIP format.

Import Contract Agreements Into System from Item Interface tables

At this point, we first need to load Contract Agreements into Interface Table.

Click on the “Scheduled New Process” button in the Search Result table header, the Schedule New Process dialogue will be launched. In the Schedule New Process dialogue select the following: Load Interface File for Import

Select Import process: Import Contract Agreement
Data file : ZIP file which you have saved to your computer

Click on submit. You can check now PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE to see if your Contracts have been uploaded to the interface.

Now you need to run 2nd process from Schedule New Process:
Name: Import Contract Agreements
Batch ID: Batch ID which you have entered in your worksheets (PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE)

Click submit.
View log file for any errors (if applicable), by selecting the row in the Search Results table and clicking the View Log button.

After both processes have been successfully completed, you can review your Agreements from Procurement> Manage Agreements page.

Guys, this completes my article. I hope the steps are clear for you and you will go through a smooth loading process:) Happy Smooth Loading:)

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